Spiritual / Religilous Discourses

Seminars and spiritual discourses are arranged from time to time. Eminent personalities , monks, and scholars from different ashrams and academic institutions pay regular visits to the ashram and convey their messages .

Gita Path (Regular)

Homa (Yajna)

Sports/Picnic and Excursions

Free Health Check-Up Camp(Twice a year)

Activities of the School-Students

The School children mostly from Minority and Backward community are segregated according to their choices, taste and knack and are given suitable training at our children’s Talent Development Centre. In addition to this, the school has got one well- equipped LIBRARY consisting of a large number of books. Moreover, there is a children’s park with all amenities. Sports materials of various kinds are provided to these children.

To help the children breathe in fresh air, classes are very often held on open – air – platform and in the space open to sky.

There is a big playground adjacent to the school premises where games and Annual Sports are held.

For the purpose of Computer literacy, there is a Computer Centre having 8 nos. of Computer under the supervision of experienced teachers. Students from Class III onwards are receiving such training from here.