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(An Organ of Sri Sri Bijoykrishna Vidyapeeth Ashram Society, registered under Society Act of XXVI of 1961, S/IL/32005 of 2005-2006)

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P.O.- Peardoba
P.S.- Bishnupur
Dist - Bankura
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June.30,2006 is a red – letter day in the annals of the activities of the Bijoykrishna Bedananda Ashram, Bankura. It was on that day that Bijoykrishna Vidyapeeth ,the maiden venture of the Ashram in the field of education, saw the light of the day with the blessing of Lord Bijoykrishna Goswami. With high hopes raging in their hearts, the authorities of the Ashram resolved to make a realistic approach to the educational needs of the day. Ours is a healthy system of education wherein character- building and man- making ideal must receive the top most priority and the cultures of the East and the West would blend. We value tradition as well as modernity . Herein lies the paramount significance of this temple of learning, Bijoykrishna Vidyapeeth. In translating our ideas into reality we are fighting many odds which are enough to chill the bubbling enthusiasm into dead silence. But daunting nothing we are marching ahead with the dream of an illumined future.

Now, it is quite in the fitness of things to admit that we definitely owe an explanation about the establishment of this new academic institution under the wings of the Ashram. We therefore , put forth some of our visions and ideas.

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.

- Swami Vivekananda


Bijoykrishna Vidyapeeth is a new experiment in the field of education in the proper sense of the term. It is a co-educational Bengali-medium institution with emphasis on English. It is a temple of learning for the budding kids of the locality – an institution which fervently hopes to open up a new horizon in the field of education and will certainly occupy a remarkable place in the map of the education –world in not so distant a future . The school has eleven classes right from Nursery to class Eight (Nursery, Kg 1, Kg 2, Class- I, Class-II, Class-III, Class-IV, Class-V, Class-VI, Class-VII and Class-VIII). The school will be shortly upgraded to the Madhyamik standard under WBBSE.


The sapling of this institution has been planted in the fertile soil of Baramara Sri Sri Bijoykrishna Bedananda Ashram Society, Baramara , Peardoba, Dist. Bankura, Pin – 722145. Far from the madding crowd’s ignoble strife and away from the din and bustle the school is surrounded by the greenery and is seated in the lap of nature and is yet in a position to enjoy almost all the civic amenities, including those of communication and transport.


There was a time when the aim of education was advancement of learning. But gone are those days. The aim is now advancement of earning. The question of character building has of late taken a back seat. It is time we woke up to the need of the hour – i.e. character building and man – making education. It is thousand times better to be criticised as an ideal boy or a girl than to earn cheap popularity at the cost of moral character which is an asset to the younger generation. It is with this end in view that this institution starts functioning to make life worth living. Attention is paid not only to complete the prescribed syllabus but also to make an effort for the harmonious development of body, mind, and soul. This is what the institution stands for. In the clam, quiet, serene and tranquil ambience of the institution, we are determined to reach the desired goal.


But how to realize this splendid dream! It is not that we will enjoy a peaceful slumber of night and wait for the spark from heaven to fall. Rather with the concerted efforts of the Ashram authorities, Managing Committee, teachers and guardians, it will be possible to translate our noble ideas into reality. Our teachers with their whole hearted, sincere and dedicated spirit of service devote themselves in full to the service of the institution ,i.e. to the betterment of each and every single student. Individual attention to them, class - tests from time to time and enforcing discipline among teachers, students and employees definitely go a long way in making this institution enviable to others. Love and care for the student is what our teachers aim at.